Story about a lobster and his Hostel 


Imagine the whole city is a part sea, and we are independent and courageous marine life.


Lonely, under a hard shell, we are shy and gentle lobsters. Wandering around is our hobby, we love the new worlds we can discover, the adventure have traveling is our favorite feeling. As a child Mr.Lobster dreamed of leaving the ocean one day, and exploring the land that he heard so much about.


In that year the family began a great migration, giving a chance to Mr.Lobster plan a secret trip to explore the world. So, with nothing but a map and a bag of luggage, Mr.Lobster became a runaway and began his world tour.


That year, in Taipei, Mr.Lobster fell in love. Here the oceans were so beautiful and he fell more deeply into Taipei’s Fascinating embrace.


Taipei, is a part of the ocean that is open 24/7, like a never ending carnival ride.

But this was just a part of the journey and Mr.Lobster was set to leave one day. It was the eve of his departure, and he sat their looking at the sky, staring at the cities flashes of brilliance. He started to write down every beautiful moment he had here. Then he was off again on his world trip, seeing a lot of places, but the warmth of Taipei never left his mind. He had found a extraordinary city, steeped in history. He felt he would regret leaving the diverse and always interesting culture, cuisine and style of Taipei. “If I lived there, it would be great.” Mr.Lobster thought, considering the possibility of returning to Taipei.


So, Mr.Lobster packed up and traveled back to Taipei, immediately starting to look for a suitable secret lair. He must have looked through every room in the city, until he finally found it. It was in a convenient location and had a beautiful view of Taipei. Mr.Lobster moved to Chongqing North Road 22, on the 9th floor. The feeling of his new secret lair was fresh comfortable and fun. It was a great hideout for travelers and tourists. It was then that Mr. Lobsters Secret Lair was born.


Mr.Lobster and his youth hostel invites every traveler to join him in his play, share the beauty of Taipei, wander through the music and experiencing the flavor Taiwan’s tasty cuisine has to offer. If you come here please open your heart to Mr.Lobster, and together you can boldly explore, swimming in the 24 hour ocean, seeing new horizons and fresh perspectives of this spectacular city. With Mr. Lobster’s Secret Lair you are sure to have an extraordinary and unforgettable trip in Taipei.


So, are you ready?





Who says you can’t have a creative hostel? Our secret lair is full of interesting ideas and clever thoughts. In addition to providing affordable room rates, we also went an extra step and hired a professional design team, who were able to create deep and rich creative interior designs. Our rooms were created to have a special atmosphere and mindfulness that would help our guests relax, and feel at home. A quiet sleeping environment for excited travelers is what we do best.







The Secret Lair is run by a group of hardworking but playful staff. We welcome anyone to join our team if they are enthusiastic and care about Mr.Lobster and his very special Secret Lair. For our foreign friends who want to experience the feeling of a youth hostel, don’t be afraid to drop by, join our team and choose your own seafood name.



您愛旅遊嗎? 有個有特色的店嗎?




Many long to explore the exotic culture in the local street alleys, and feel that they sometimes breathe the same air as always, they need to re-adjust the pace of life, visit the local stores and shops, the heart of our city! Trendy and special stores gradually have become a pulse of the city, becoming special travel destinations for a few. Specialty stores, photographers who like to share with friends, and bloggers are welcome to join us, let us describe this beautiful city, each in your own way. Together we show each traveler that we are proud to see this city, let’s work together and give them an unforgettable experience in our wonderful Taipei.